CAWE – Fabricant Créateur de vêtements professionnels

Instructions and Declaration of Conformity
Obtain documents that certify you are PPE complies with the EU Regulation

The Instructions are specific to a garment.

They explain how to use the garment in order to ensure performance in accordance with the standards, and give details of :

  • The rules for wearing the garment
  • The additional accessories 
  • The maintenance rules

This is a declaration made by the manufacturer, which provides the following details :

  • The generic code of the certified garments
  • The version of the standard
  • The Type Examination Certificate (TEC) number
  • The notified body number

To obtain the Instructions and Declaration of Conformity :

  1. Find the Production Order number on the garment label
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Receive your documents within 48 business hours

Fields with * are compulsory to validate the sending of the form