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Every EMPLOYER is responsible for providing its employees with equipment for their protection.

Since 5 November 2001, employers are required to draw up a single occupational risk assessment document (DUERP).

The DUERP is required under Article R.4121-1 of the Code du Travail [Labour Code] for every business with one or more employees.

“Every employer must take measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of its workers.”

The DUERP makes it possible to target the risks to which the employees are exposed.

The DUERP makes it possible to identify the relevant standards.

CAWÉ uses the DUERP as the basis for defining and proposing appropriate PPE garments

➤ REGULATION (EU) 2016/425 governs all the PPE certification standards.

Regulation (EU) 2016/425 entered into force on 21 April 2019.
It replaces the EU Directive applied until 20 April 2019.


  • To obtain approval for the garments in accordance with the most recent version of the standards in force
  • To renew the Type-Examination Certificates (TECs) issued by the notified bodies every five (5) years
  • To provide wearers with the Instructions and the declaration of conformity for the clothing, in paper or electronic formE


  • The PPE complies with the legislation and is appropriate to the constraints of the work concerned.

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, CAWÉ makes the instructions and the declaration of conformity available in dematerialised form

➤ The MANUFACTURER is required to undergo an annual inspection performed by the notified bodies, which will verify the constant conformity of the manufactured clothing. 

➤ The EMPLOYER is responsible for maintaining the clothing in a condition fit for use as PPE. 

The PPE clothing must maintain the level of performance required by the standards with which it complies throughout its lifetime.

The maintenance rules specific to each type of PPE should be complied with.

Each CAWÉ garment is identified by a PO [Production Order] number or an RFID chip that allows the traceability of the roll of fabric until its delivery.

We recommend a hire and maintenance arrangement to ensure the proper performance of PPE : the Initial group offers this service.

➤ The PPE must be provided to the user together with two documents: the Instructions and the Declaration of Conformity.


The Instructions are specific to a garment.

They explain how to use the garment in order to ensure performance in accordance with the standards, and give details of :

  • The rules for wearing the garment
  • The additional accessories 
  • The maintenance rules


This is a declaration made by the manufacturer, which provides the following details :

  • The generic code of the certified garments
  • The version of the standard
  • The Type-Examination Certificate (TAC) number
  • The notified body number

CAWÉ sends you the documents linked to your PPE within 48 business hours


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