CAWE – Fabricant Créateur de vêtements professionnels

Based in Strasbourg, our design office creates garments that combine long-lasting performance, image and comfort. 

  • Personalised advice on the design of your changing room
  • Search for a look with a evolutive clothing book for each project
  • Proposal for fabrics and supply
  • Identification of standards

Our design office calculates the retail price of each garment, in constant consultation with our network of partner finishers who verify the industrial feasibility of new developments.

  • Search for technical solutions
  • Creation of nomenclatures

We select exclusively European suppliers and give preference to trusted labels.

  • Materials approved according to tests that comply with the standards in force 
  • Audits on supplier’s manufacturing sites
  • Presence at trade fairs

We work with PPE consultancies to verify the conformity of the design of our standardised clothing.

  • Customer support and advice
  • Verification of compliance with standards

Our pattern makers put the customer’s wishes into concrete form and create the elements necessary for the production of the garment. Assisted by computer, they determine the precise placement of seams, pleats, armholes, pockets and buttonholes in all the sizes of the garment.

  • Definition of volume
  • Adjustment of volume for atypical morphologies on request

The placement contains all the elements of the garment and determines the lines for the cutting of the garment. We have chosen Lectra System® to optimise materials consumption, and we use our ERP system to ensure the exchange of information with our finisher partners.

  • Quilting analysis
  • Efficiency calculations

Our Strasbourg workshop puts your project into concrete form by providing prototypes for verifying compliance with all of the defined specifications.

  • Testing and verification of fit
  • Sample pieces and verification of assembly

Our specialists create graphical representations of the model, with detailed and precise diagrams to allow the partner finishers to have a good understanding of the model. 

  • Identification and description of technical aspects

The Strasbourg and Tunisia teams are in constant liaison and ensure compliance with the production schedule on a daily basis.

  • Sourcing of manufacturers in accordance with a Quality charter
  • Scheduling and launching of manufacturing orders
  • Weekly visits to partner finishers

Our Tunisian sector managers visit our manufacturers on a weekly basis in order to ensure their ability to offer a consistent quality.

  • Verification of sourcing of finishers
  • Creation and verification of reference pieces
  • 4Ps control of materials prior to production
  • AQL production control prior to shipment

We manage all flows of merchandise, mainly through the implementation of our platform in Tunisia. With transit points in Tunis, Marseilles, Strasbourg and Antwerp, delivery is free-flowing for all our European customers.

  • Packaging and identification
  • Individual named packaging on request


Our identity

CAWÉ aims to provide professionals with workwear offering increasing standards of protection, comfort and aesthetic appeal.

Our vision looking to 2025 is to become a major European player in workwear by providing the industrial and service sectors with innovative, long-lasting clothing products that stand out as the very best.


CAWÉ aims to meet its customers’ needs by doing business in ways that are profitable, responsible and demanding.
This commitment from the management is focused in two areas : CSR and Quality System Management.

CSR policy

CAWÉ’s CSR policy is designed to be pragmatic, and this is expressed in social life, society and business, in all the areas where the company works.

Our charter reminds us of our past achievements, highlights the work we are currently doing and sets out our goals for the future. It is constantly evolving because the challenges facing our environment and society are also changing, and these require continuous adaptation of our perspectives and plans.

Quality System Management

This allows us to guide our organisation towards ways of working that always meet the expectations of our stakeholders

By definition we build on a process of continuous improvement, making use of existing systems of quality standards to structure the way we work.
For everyone who works at CAWÉ, audit and certification are key aspects supporting this process.


Serving our customers with our expertise for almost 90 years

1931 . Creation of CAWÉ
CAWÉ does trade business and sells linens to hospitals
1960 . Creation of an industrial production workshop
CAWÉ incorporates clothing production in order to manage its flows and gain flexibility
1999 . Relocation of production
CAWÉ develops a competitive production network through partnerships with production units in Tunisia
1999 . Adoption of ERP software system
CAWÉ deploys a specific internal ERP to optimise information flows and traceability
2002 . Acquisition of the company FTB
CAWÉ extends its sphere of expertise to the manufacturing, safety and PPE sectors
2008 . Creation of the subsidiary CAP TUNIS
CAP TUNIS provides logistics and quality services for the production units in Tunisia
2011 . Acquisition by the RENTOKIL INITIAL group
CAWÉ becomes designer and supplier of the RENTOKIL INITIAL group and continues its own sales activities
2018 . New CAP TUNIS premises
CAWÉ modernises its logistics platform and its flows by choosing the Neopark industrial zone near Monastir in Tunisia
2019 . Collaborative platform integrated into the Design Office
CAWÉ chooses the LECTRA Link solution for the interfacing of its product development solutions
2021 . CSR commitment
CAWÉ is committed to a better and more sustainable future
2024/2025 . HIGH POTENTIAL PRIDE clothing design
With the launch of the FIT&WORK Collection, Cawé is focusing on the design of high-end clothing for Industry and Services